Rings, Nets and Accessories

Netball Rings

All of our quality rings are made from solid steel bar with reinforcing struts and can be either hot dip galvanised or powder coated white. Fixing is with 2 or 3 bolts. All of our rings have a net rail welded underneath the ring to attach the net.

  • Size 10 – made from 10mm steel bar. This is a robust light weight ring suitable for young players.
  • Size 16 – made from 16mm steel bar with a 5mm thick backing plate. This heavy duty ring is made to last and suitable for home or public use.
Netball Ring

Netball Ring

Netball Nets

  • Standard or heavy duty nylon nets available. These nets have 12 loops and are 53cm in length.
  • Hand-made galvanised chain nets available in 10 gauge (3.15mm) steel. These nets have 12 loops and are 40cm in length.

Netball Park System with chain net


  • Ground sleeves – galvanised steel either plain or with side holes for pinned posts to prevent rotation.
  • Goal post Guards – either 300cm or 180cm high with 3 velcro fastening straps. They provide 50mm of continuous padding around the post.


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