One of the Most Important Skills in Basketball

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Basketball is an enormously popular sport, and many of the world’s most famous athletes achieved that status because of their prowess on the courts. Basketball is fun to play and watch, so its popularity around the world is no surprise to fans and players alike.

If you have ever played basketball, you know that it is a very physical sport. You have to be strong, speedy and smart to be good at basketball, and there is only one way to get to that level – practice. Practice gives you the skill to outplay and outwit your opponents on the basketball court.

What Is A Rebound?

There are different basketball skills that need practice: shooting, running, dribbling, free throws and rebounds. A rebound is when you gain possession of the basketball after a field goal or a free throw. After a player takes a shot and misses, the ball bounces – or rebounds – back into play. Whoever can get to that rebound first gets the ball, and usually another chance to try and score.

There are two types of rebounds in basketball: offensive and defensive. Most rebounds are made by players on defense, since they are usually in a better position to get the rebound because they are situated closer to the net. Snatching a rebound is one of the best ways for the defense to gain possession of the basketball.

It is also important for the defense to grab a rebound because if the offensive team gets the ball back, they will have the opportunity to take another shot.

What It Takes To Rock At Rebounding

There are several traits that are common to great rebounders: agility, endurance, speed and strength. No matter what your physical make-up, you can train to achieve top-notch skills in all of these areas on the basketball court. If you are fast, strong and build up your stamina, you can be a successful rebounder.

Unfortunately, there is one attribute associated with good rebounding that cannot be learned in the gym or on the court: height. It is a fact of nature that the taller players have an advantage over smaller players when it comes to getting the rebound, and all of the training in the world is never going to make you taller. There are ways to make up for a deficit in height though.

Don’t be discouraged if you are not the tallest player on the court. You can use other attributes to make up for this. If you have a burning desire to be a great rebounder, no physical handicap should be able to stop you. Desire is the foundation for greatness, and if you want it bad enough, you just have to push yourself until you achieve the skill level that you want.

Through training and practice, you should also work on becoming aggressive at getting the ball. Aggressiveness is an asset on the basketball court, especially when you are up against opponents trying for a rebound. You cannot be timid in these situations. You have to get out there and take it!

It is also a good idea to practice and study positioning. One of the keys to snatching a rebound is being in exactly the right place. If you focus on positioning, you will be in good shape to get the rebound when a shot is missed.

Rebounding Tips To Remember

Whether you are the tallest or shortest man at the net, whoever jumps the highest has the best chance of getting the rebound. Work those leg muscles – and stretch them too – to max out your jumping skills.

Pay attention to the ball. Study how the ball moves after a missed shot. If you have a good idea of where the ball is going, you will be better able to intercept it.

Once you have the ball, don’t start dribbling right away. Practice what your best move will be and use it in the game.

As with any sport, practice is the best way to beat your opponents. With rebounding, the same thing applies. With practice your skills will improve, and the results will show up on the scoreboard.

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