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Want to know how to jump higher? Jumping is a crucial and critical part of many sports, especially basketball. Being able to jump higher makes you a much better player and gives you a huge advantage over your opponent if you can jump higher and faster than him.

Many athletes make the incorrect assumption that how high you can jump depends entirely on your body height. While your body height does play an important role in just how high you can jump, it is not the only factor that determines how high you can jump.

There are muscles in your body that have a huge impact on your ability to jump high and there are exercises that you can do to improve these muscles and jump higher.

Just how high you can jump depends on a select few muscles in your body. Do you know what they are? The muscles in your legs, abs and glutes play the major role in determining how high you can jump.

Anyone can increase how high they can jump by focusing on working and improving these areas. You will see immediate results in your ability to jump as these muscles become stronger and more powerful.

Be sure to give these muscles thorough workouts by doing several different kinds of exercises, such as running, sprinting and jump roping to just name a few. Squats are a great way to strengthen your ads to boost your vertical jump.

Just why are these areas so important to your vertical height when you jump? The reason is because they provide you with strength and power that is required to push and propel your body upwards.

If these muscles are weak or unconditioned, then you aren’t harnessing the full power and won’t have access to the vertical height your body is potentially capable of. The more you strength and work on improving these muscles, the closer you can get to your optimal jumping height. This is why it is vital you continuously exercise and strengthen them on a daily basis.

Being tall and able to jump high doesn’t necessarily make you a good athlete, however, it can give you a huge advantage and open up the door to a wide variety of tricks and moves that you wouldn’t have access to if you weren’t able to jump high. You don’t have to be tall to have massive vertical height. Focus on increasing the strength in the key muscles that have a direct impact on how high you can jump.

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