Increase Your Basketball Vertical Jump Without Weights

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How would you like to increase your vertical leap, grab rebounds whenever you want, dunk over anybody you want or jump over the block when taking your jump shot?

I know you don’t want to hear any hype (If you are like me, you have heard it all before and are sick and tired of it).

So let me just tell you what worked for me and how you can benefit from this simple exercise too!

When increasing your basketball vertical jump you must have the sport in mind. Basketball is a fast paced sport and when jumping there is often someone else there to contend with.

To be competitive you must first understand that it takes a lot more than a vertical jump to beat any player on the court. It takes strength (upper body and lower), aerobic fitness (your ability to sprint up and down the court constantly), awareness and skills for the game.

Oh yeah, and height helps but let me tell you from experience that it is not everything. As a six foot six guy I am often relied on as the ‘big guy’ in our local games but far too often I came up against the 5’6″ with a 3-4 foot vertical that could simply out rebound me with his insane vertical leap. If you are like me, that is not good enough for you.

To either make up for your lack of height or to make sure you can utilize your height and beat anyone you want, here is one simple yet very very effective exercise to raise your vertical leap.

You want to know what I am talking about right? Well I am not going to fluff up this article like a lot of others seem to these days, so I will give it to you straight.

That is what you want right? Well here is it:

Stair Climbing!

If you don’t have access to weights or are not comfortable using them yet, this exercise is considered (in my honest opinion) to be the most effective way of increasing your overall fitness levels and maximizing your vertical jump.

If you have never done any vertical training or stair climbing before then the results you gain from this exercise alone will be amazing.

Remember the importance of this often overlooked or under used method and remember that this is the key to jumping higher than you ever thought possible. Keep your training simple and you will benefit from an insane vertical leap.

Go on… Find some stairs or a multi floor building (preferably at least 7 floors) and start going up and down. Take two stairs at a time and spring off every step with explosive power.

This will increase your vertical jump and aerobic fitness so you will also be able to run out those tiring games. It is important to train for explosiveness with any vertical jump training so remember to stop if you are fatiguing or rest until you can go again with 100% effort and power in each explosive step.

Most importantly, stick to a program all the way through!

Best of luck

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