How to Teach Kids Basketball 5 Things You Need to Know and Do to Be Truly Successful

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Do you want to teach kids basketball? If you have been recruited to be a coach or if you just want to teach your own kids how to play basketball, you can learn the following tips on how you can not only teach kids this fun game, but also how everyone can benefit from these lessons.

Here Are FiveSimple Tips that You Can Follow When You Want to Teach Kids Basketball.

1. You Need to Build Team Spirit

Kids need to know that basketball is a team sport and not one that one person is the “star.” while it is inevitable that one kid will stand out above the rest, it is up to the team to pull for victory each time. One way that some coaches get a team together to build team spirit is to have get togethers with the kids that do not involve basketball. This enables the kids to form a bond with one another and learn that they are all valuable when it comes to the team. .

2. You Need to Instil Confidence

Instill confidence in the kids as well. You can do this by finding the strong points of each player and praising them when they do something right. Do not over praise as this does not build confidence. You should praise when they do something good and give constructive criticism when they do something wrong. Teach them to overcome their problem plays as much as you can and build up their confidence with their regular playing.

3. You Need to Know the Rules

Of course, it is imperative that you know the rules of basketball so that you can teach your kids how to play the game and follow the same rules. Be a stickler on the rules. The referees will certainly be watching. You will not do your kids any favors if you let some rules slide when you are teaching them to play basketball. You have to teach them the rules.

4. You Need to Have Practice Sessions

Make sure that you use offensive and defensive drills and teach them every aspect of the game. Unlike other sports, basketball pretty much requires all players to play both defense and offense. All players should know how to shoot, to block and how to do a lay up. When children are younger, you will want to put them in different positions to see what they do well in. As they get older, they will be relegated to positions that they are suited for.

5. You Need to Always Teach Them to be Good Sports

They are not always going to lose, they are not always going to win. Teach them sportsmanlike conduct. Any other type of conduct is not tolerated in major leagues and looks bad on the kids as well as for you as their coach. Teach your kids how to win with grace and how to lose with dignity and you will be doing them a big service as sportsmen and later as human beings.

You can have a lot of fun teaching young people how to play basketball and instilling team spirit, confidence and sportsmanlike conduct in them. You can have fun, and they can learn quite a bit from you if you are willing to teach them.

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