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Complete Basketball Court Installation, Maintenance & Restoration

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Why choose us?

We give custom advice on location, usage, durability, and design for your specific setup.

We specialise in the production and installation of high-quality basketball systems, and our primary aim is to meet the ever-growing demand from people who need something at home for their family and the community.

We also supply to schools, colleges, sporting clubs, Councils and Government departments.

We select and install only the highest quality equipment for peace of mind on the court, perfect for people of all ages – kids BIG AND SMALL!

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Design your own custom basketball system

At The Basketball Man, we offer handcrafted systems that are fully customisable, from the colour to the design of the backboard. Personalising your setup for your team, your family or your sporting factions has never been easier!

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Who we are

I’m Isaac, the second-generation owner of The Basketball Man, after the old man, Graeme Offereins, handed the reins over to me in 2016. Since then, with a little bit of help from my brother Joel, The Basketball Man has continued to deliver great quality Basketball and Netball equipment across Perth and interstate at factory-direct prices.

You can see The Basketball Man installations across Perth at Parks, Schools, Community Centres, Health Clubs, and your neighbour’s driveway! For more information, contact me at any time on 0417 970 163 or feel free to fill out your details in the contact from below

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