Basketball Rings and Nets

“Our Basketball Rings and Nets Are Amongst the Very Best Available Anywhere in Australia…”

Basketball Rings

We carry a range of quality rings to suit all requirements. All of our rings are made from solid steel bar with reinforcing struts and all powder coated. The backing plate takes 4 bolts arranged in a 100mm square. All of our rings have a net rail welded underneath the ring to attach the net.

  • Size 10 – made from 10mm steel bar. This is a robust light weight ring suitable for young players.
  • Size 16 – made from 16mm steel bar with a 5mm thick backing plate. This heavy duty ring is made to last and suitable for home or public use.
  • Size 20 – made from 20mm steel bar with a 5mm thick backing plate and 8mm reinforcing struts. This ring is indestructible and suits all types of public use.
  • Removable rings are available in size 16 and size 20. These come with a slide plate that holds the ring and an easy to use removal tool that allows you to quickly remove and replace the ring from the ground.
  • Spring ring adaptor kits available that transform your static ring to act like a spring ring!

Basketball Nets

  • Standard or heavy duty nylon nets available. These nets have 12 loops and are 53cm in length.
  • Hand-made galvanised chain nets available in 10 gauge (3.15mm) steel. For safety, these nets are shorter to prevent the whipping action that occurs with long nets.
Chain Net

Chain Net

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